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Industry is probably the most complex sector in terms of C&D insurance programs:

The company must face claims (civil liability) from its lessor, from the neighbors and moreover with regard to products it manufactures.

It will have to put in place guarantees for removal and replacement or withdrawal costs in the event of a defective product.

These guarantees will be all the more difficult to get if the company focuses on sensitive sectors (nuclear, medical, military, automotive, etc.).

As long as it has a sensitive activity, it must also take out Environmental Liability insurance.

In addition, the company must guarantee:

– its premises

– its equipment

– its stock (whether on site or with third parties)

-its vehicles

the broker must assist its client in the evaluation of the capital to be declared and its protective measures against the various risks:

– fire, explosion

– flooding, water damage

– theft, vandalism

– industrial equipment subject to machinery breakdown contracts

Like any disaster that could have an impact on production, the company will have to put in place business interruption insurance to deal with the resulting loss of income.

Finally, the company can no longer ignore today the risks of blocking and financial losses linked to computer intrusions (cyber risk).

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